In the Grey with Frederick Archibong

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Photographers get in here!
Happy Thursday! I always get excited when we bring a guest on the blog. Today we'll be chatting with photographer, Frederick Archibong. I've worked with him sometime in the past, (If you missed that post here it is) and I'll just say it's never a dull moment with Fred! He combines his creativity and cheeriness to produce greyscale images that make you want to rip them out and hang them up on a wall somewhere.

CA (Me): Introduce yourself?
FA: My name is Frederick Archibong, I'm a freelance photographer.

CA: At what moment did you discover your love for photography? 
FA: My love for photography stemmed around 2013/2014. I’d see images on the internet and begin to wonder how the photographer achieved the final images. So I started buying equipment just to figure things out for myself. That's how the journey began.

CA: What type of photos do you enjoy capturing the most?
FA: I enjoy taking food photos, candid portraits, and fine art.

CA: What was your best photoshoot experience and who have you enjoyed working it?
FA: I don't really have one 'best' experience that has stuck out. But I'd say I really love shooting for restaurants. I love to style the food and how the color pops and, you guessed it, at the end of the day, I know I get to eat the food for free. *laughs* So that's basically one of the best moments. I also enjoy working with clients who are easygoing and keep complaints down to a minimum.

CA: What was your worst?
FA: *inhales deeply* My worst experience was the first-ever paid job I did! I remember that day in 2015 so vividly. She [the client] was supposed to pay 8000naira. She lived all the way in Ajao Estate and we didn't have Uber then...or we probably did but it wasn't popular. So I had to go all the way under the scorching Lagos sun. I trekked some distance, took the bus and keke for the rest. I even got missing at some point! Thankfully, I got there eventually and began shooting. 
During the session, the client kept complaining and complaining, first about the lighting, then the setup...everything! So, I had to adjust the set up until she was finally in a better mood. I'd also add that she changed about four to five times for 8000naira! When I was leaving she paid 3000naira. Mind you, I had also spent my own money to get there. Argh. I guess I was just overly excited because it was my first paid job. On my way back, it started to rain. I was completely drenched. Can you imagine? On my way there I was sweating under the scorching sun and going home, I was drenched. 
(CA: Wow...)
FA: Anyways, while I was editing the pictures, the same client was trying to teach me how to do my job. Needless to say, she never paid the full amount. She just added a flimsy 2000naira and said it was apparently due to my 'incompetence'. Yeah, that's by far the worst experience I've had.

CA: What’s one thing clients do that photographers secretly hate?
FA: Well it’s really not a secret but most photographers hate when clients try to play smart and not keep their word. Also when a potential client says, "I have someone that will charge me less" or "I'll get back to you".

CA: Your fave camera and lighting? 
FA: Hmmm. I don’t think I have a favorite camera. In terms of lighting and depending on what I’m shooting, I like to use a one-light setup which gives this dark feel to my images. Right now I’m starting to love shooting in natural light because it’s less stressful and less technical.

CA: How do you like to edit your photos?
FA: For apps: Photoshop, Lightroom, and Capture One. I edit my photos the way I connect with them. While I’m shooting I already have a mental picture of what the final image will look like. It’s a spiritual thing, to be honest, *laughs*

CA: What advice would you give fellow photographers? 
FA: Do you. Don’t try to shoot like any other photographer.

CA: Any other interests?
FA: I like cooking. I also used to play some instruments like the sax and harmonica but I've long stopped. 

CA: What’s one thing you can’t leave the house without?
FA: I can’t leave my house without my phone at all at all!

CA: Top five jams on your playlist...
FA: Omo mehn! I listen to a lot of weird songs oh! But I'd say: Andrea Bocelli's 'Time to say goodbye',  Ennio Morricone's 'Once upon a time in the West', Rotimi's 'In my bed', Billie Eilish's 'Listen before I go' and Tones and I's 'Dance Monkey'

CA: Final words to the blog readers...
FA: Be yourself, no look another man!

‘til next time!

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