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Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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I've got one word for you...

Hello there! Yes, I'm still alive. 2019 was one rocky year for me, both physically and mentally but I'm BACKKK! Massive thanks to everyone who encouraged me to get back on my grind and not give up blogging. Writing is more than just putting words together; it takes a lot of mental effort too. Therefore, if your mental space is crap, there goes all your ability to create good content.

If you know me, you know I am not that into series. I never hop on the series bandwagon, even the popular ones like Power, Game of Thrones, Empire, etc. So it was a miracle when I came across (and was actually interested in) the psychological thriller series, ‘YOU’. I was looking through my Instagram stories one evening and stumbled upon a screenshot of the ‘YOU’ poster with lead actor Penn Badgley (who plays Joe) staring back at me. His eyes boring into my soul. It is not that deep I know lmao, but it was deep enough to make me watch season one.

Warning: If you are late to the party and have not seen season 1 yet...SPOILERS AHEAD!

At first, to be very honest, I thought the series was a bit bland as I fell asleep through the first two episodes. Oops. I don’t know... it just seemed like your typical crazy-stalker-obsessed-with-clueless-blonde-girl type of movies BUT I decided to give it the benefit of doubt. 

Right off the bat, one thing I liked about it was the fact that we get the perspective of the psychopathic stalker/murderer. Unlike many thrillers where we only get the angle of the vulnerable, most times less-than-smart victims. 

From what I saw online before watching the series, I got the memo that Joe was, in fact, a murderer, I felt almost sorry for the character that I did not want to believe he was capable of such. I have to admit I was surprised when he killed Benji. 

Main Characters

I guess ‘Joe’ is not a likable character. He is the crazy dude next door who stalks girls he ‘loves’. Killing people who pose a threat to his relationship with these girls is his side hustle from his bookstore manager job. Joe is a psychopath madly in undying love with Beck, which by the way I did not understand. I did not see anything gobsmacking about her. She was painfully boring, dishonest and a bad match for him. He was probably into the whole damsel-in-distress thing *inserts puke here* 

Beck, Beck, Beck. Sigh. I could relate to Beck, at first. Emphasis on ‘At First’. I liked her character. As a writer I’ve had my fair share of writer’s block, therefore I could feel her frustration of not being able to get the best article out there—not just for herself, but for critics and of course, to shut her annoying rival up. 

However, as the series progressed I lost touch with the character. She was very oblivious to many things in her life especially the company she kept. I mean how does one person have these many shitty people around (e.g. Peach, Benji, the guy before Benji, Joe) and not think they deserve better? 

Can we also talk about her ‘good girl act’? Yes, we all know Joe is a stalking creep, which is wrong on all levels, but remember when he started to get suspicious about her affair with the therapist, Dr. Nicky and confronted her about it? She diverted the whole thing to him and broke up with him because she realized he was following her. I actually thought she did the right thing by finally coming to her senses and calling it quits with him, but when it was revealed that she, in fact, was cheating on Joe with the same therapist the whole time, I was fuming lol. Joe wasn’t that crazy after all. 

The part that killed me was three months after she had dumped Joe and bumped into him and his new girlfriend, Karen, she realized she still ‘loved’ Joe and was determined to get back together with him, and boy did she succeed in snatching him from the completely smart and unbothered Karen.

Oh, Karen is my favorite character in the series by the way. Boss chick, takes care of other people, mature and smart. She was the only sane person. Why did she have to grace our screens for only a few episodes? Probably because she had the brain to stay away from psycho, Joe. It was such a shame because she was a better match for him. Joe and Beck deserve each other anyway.

In conclusion, the entire Season 1 was ironic. Joe literally spent the entire season chasing boring Beck and punishing people who did her wrong, even going a step further to kill them for ridiculous reasons, when this whole time Beck was the one who was not good for him to begin with. She always managed to bring out the absolute worst in him with all her distress, completely shitty friends and her never-ending unfaithfulness. He just did not want to believe it because he was obsessed with her.


Careful what you post on social media. Joe is watching.

If you notice violence in your partner, RON RUN! 

Careful who you let your kid hang around. They may be hanging with psychopathic killers while you’re having unending heated arguments with your insane boyfriend.

Are your friends really your friends? Are they really? Beck practically had no friends. That girl would have been better off alone. It is even scary to admit that Joe was the closest thing to a friend she had and how did that friendship turn out. The dude ended up killing her (in season one at least). I was not expecting that ending to season one at all, but then again I was. It is difficult to explain.

YOU was critiqued a trashy thriller but after the first two episodes, it was one show I always looked forward to sinking into after a long day of work. Yes, I am going to watch season 2...someday. 

Now summoning all YOU super fans to the comment section for further discussion. 

‘til next time!

12 comments on "Here's What I Think About 'YOU'"
  1. I hate Beck. Kinda happy she died ��

  2. Never heard about it before but sounds like something I'd like to watch. 👍

  3. “Careful what you post on social media. Joe is watching.“

    LMAO, that’s a major take away!

  4. Yo... We in sync, I had the exact same thoughts you have. Yes, Beck was pretty and adorable at first glance, her love for books even made me like her more personally. But damn that girl was a total b**ch. Even Joe being as he is, was way too good for that girl, she had so many internal demons abeg. You should watch season 2. This was a good read Chinks, keep up the good work 👍🏿

    1. I’ll definitely watch season 2. My thoughts exactly. She was worse. Thanks for visiting Femi!

  5. You just spoke my mind Chinny! ......Just with well constructed sentences and better punctuation. Nonetheless I agree with your thoughts on this series. Like who can be that naive!
    Please keep ‘em coming

    1. I know right?! So appalling. Thanks so much for the support. Well appreciated ❤️

  6. You should see season 2.Joe is truly sick but the plot thickens.Surprised anyone would critique it a trashy thriller.its actually a very good show

    1. I’ll definitely see it. I was surprised too! Thanks for visiting Kiks ❤️


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