Conversations with Christiana Adewara

Wednesday, 23 January 2019
Hey beautiful people of the internet--and happy new year! It's been a minute and at this point, I'm going to shamelessly insert the now cheesy apology for going completely MIA on you guys throughout the festive period. excuses really

Anywhooo...the first post of the year 2019 is none other than the good old interactive interview post. Today, we're sitting down with the oh-so-gorgeous Christiana Adewara. We talk all about life, owning an agency and the struggles of combining academics with business! Feel free to pitch in by commenting below this post. Oh and don't forget to subscribe by email (below). Let's goo...

Me: Heyy! So tell us...who's Christiana Adewara in one sentence...

C: Hi guys! My name is Adewara Christiana Semilore... a graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos.

Me: What inspired you to start KBS models and what also inspired the name “KBS models”?

C: I started KBS MODELS to provide for a need that wasn't taken care of in the beauty industry which was linking face models to vendors in the industry....The name Krismix Beauty Squad (KBS)was gotten from my Instagram handle which is @miss_krismixx

Me: How were you able to juggle being a student with handling your agency?

C: It wasn't easy doing both but with discipline and time management I was able to joggle being a student and managing my agency

Me: How has owning an agency shaped you?

C: Owing an agency brought so many opportunities and respect to me. It also came with responsibilities thus shaping my way of life.

Me: How many models do you currently manage and have you faced any challenges as regards managing so many young women and dealing with clients in general?

C: I currently manage 100 models in Lagos and Ibadan...sure I have faced challenges relating with models and vendors.

Me: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

C: Best advice would be to place more priority on giving back value to the beauty industry and with time wealth will come from it.

Me: What can you not leave the house without?

C: I can't leave the house without my's extremely important to me and my business.

Me: If you could listen to only one song for three months straight, what would it be?

C: My Life by Adekunle Gold

Me: Final message to the readers...

C: Only do what you have a strong passion for, don't start with profit making orientation alone, be disciplined and manage your time properly then the world is not ready for your success as it will be big enough to scare you

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