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Monday, 12 November 2018

Happy new week! I'm more than excited about today's blogpost as I haven't done an interview post in a while. Join in on my enlightening conversation with the beautiful founder of The Conversation Café, Chisom Ogbummuo as we delve into the topic of confidence, motivation and moving forward.

Me: So tell us...who is Chisom Ogbummuo?

CO: I'm Founder and Executive Director of The Conversation Café, and also a seasoned speaker who co-hosts TW Conversations, a television talk show focused on societal issues.

Me: Care to share tips on being/staying strong, motivated and confident?

CO: Praying is number one, meditating...having a constantly positive mindset. It also helps to network with people who inspire you. Inspiration. Do your research, read books, watch videos, listen to podcasts, oh and create vision boards!

Me: Tell us about The Conversation Café…

CO: The Conversation Café is a safe space for transformative and alternative education sessions held monthly for millennials.

Me: What inspired you to start The Conversation Café?

CO: The need to create a safe space for people in my community. Also, the importance of alternative education in achieving quality education. A call to action....every action starts with a conversation.

Me: What are you passionate about?

CO: I am passionate about young people having access to quality education and maximizing their full potentials irrespective of gender, class, religion or ethnicity. I am passionate about young girls realizing the power and capabilities they are made of if focused and intentional with the decisions they make.

Me: How has your experience from being a part of the United Nations shaped you?

CO: My experience with the UN has shaped me to constantly seek knowledge, to constantly yield for solutions for my community and be an active participant in what goes around me. My experience has also taught me that I can be anything I set my mind to be and the world needs more people like me so we can shift to a more inclusive, safe and conducive world for us all.

Me: What are the top five songs in your everyday playlist?

CO: Reckless Love by Bethel music, You Covered Me by Dr R.A Vernon, Omekanya by Mercy Chinwo, Chukwu Olisa by Umu Obiligbo and Ire by Adekunle Gold featuring Jacob Banks. 

Me: Five things you can't leave the house without...

CO: Dental Floss, ATM card, driver’s license, journal and perfume

Me: Words you live by....

CO: I am God’s light and Love.

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