What Introverts Have Been Dying to Let You Know

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Here's the thing...I noticed there's this misconception surrounding introversion and people easily mistaking it for being antisocial, stuck up, lonely (the list goes on and on and on) when in reality it's simply a personality trait, just like extraversion.

Basically the major difference between the extroverts and introverts is the way both recharge. Extroverts are usually more concerned with their surroundings and get their energy from the company of people, while introverts are...well...the other way around.

People usually say they have both extroverted and introverted tendencies. I think I do too...but we tend to lean more towards one than the other. So as a self-acclaimed 'extroverted-introvert', I speak on behalf of my introverted sisters and brothers out there in the world who are plain sick and tired of being tagged what they are not. Let's begin shall we...

An antisocial person is an antisocial person 

Introversion doesn't necessarily translate into 'antisocial'. Infact, we enjoy hanging out with friends, meeting new people (believe it or not) and having fun. However, for most introverts, we get sick of it after a while or just generally feel choked up at a crowded event and simply just need to leave the situation or go home and get some air.

Alone time is like oxygen

It's just necessary... and NO, this isn't being mean or stuck up and shouldn't be taken personal. It's just about taking out time to recharge and unwind in order to be the best version of whoever and whatever we are. In the wise words of Denzel Washington...
Small talk is a pain in the behind

I've personally been in situations where I purposely dodge small talk. No shame. I completely dread it. This is because when I feel comfortable...I tend to talk A LOT. I enjoy having deep conversations...about anything. But a 'hello...hi...how are you?...good, you?...' I cringe at those. I'm sure introverts can agree with me on this one. This leads me to an almost contradicting point....

We can go a day without saying a word and it's totally normal

The fact that we're silent doesn't mean we're not having fun. I know this may sound completely crazy to extroverts. Sometimes, I feel like talking is a chore. I can't count the number of times I've been asked if I'm feeling okay just because I'm not saying anything. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it. We do like conversing and socializing but not every single day. Sometimes we just like to observe, ask questions when necessary and let you do the talking. In most situations, I also don't like to talk about myself except when asked to do so.

We don't do too well with groups

I personally struggle with this...we will most likely turn down party invitations or anything that requires large groups. Even if we do go through with it...we don't want to be there the whole time. After about one to two hours, it just becomes draining and we want to get fresh air. I would rather hang out with a friend or two at a time, than go with a large group of people except the occasion calls for it. I find it more enjoyable and drama-free that way.

Personality traits can't be flicked on and off like a switch

It just doesn't work that way. I've heard people talk about introversion like it's a disease and even try to 'transform' introverts into extroverts. I think that mentality is flawed. Society, in a way, glorifies extraversion and makes introversion seem like a bad thing. Also, even the freaking dictionary associates introverts with being shy...which I think isn't always the case. The reticent behaviour of an introvert may lead one to assume this. Introverts do show extroverted traits, there's really no strict formula to it.

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3 comments on "What Introverts Have Been Dying to Let You Know"
  1. This is exactly it. I like to call myself an outgoing introvert; I don’t know if that’s a thing. Haha. But you explained it quite well.

  2. I love this! You are absolutely right. At a time, people thought I was depressed

  3. I'm suprised i didn't see this last year. Great Post!!!
    There's nothing sweeter than recharging on your bed with some earphones plugged in after a long day with friends.


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