The Worst Writer's Block of All Writer's Blocks

Monday, 8 October 2018

I don't think I've ever expressed my thoughts on losing motivation generally when it comes to writing. I've had a pretty packed year--and the final year stress surrrre got to me...

I have struggled with multi-tasking and generally consistency when it comes to blogging. Even as I'm writing this...I'm struggling. I just feel like I can't put words together--even though I REALLY want to. It's so hard to explain. Sometimes I'd just sit and stare. I'd really, really want to put something down but the words just jumble up in my head and I can't pour them out on paper. I've been dealing with this for months now and just sort of "gave up" and decided to focus on schoolwork and projects. The past semester was awful, I'm not going to lie. It was filled with lots of work and anxiety, which sort of led to a complete lack of inspiration for the most part. I started to dive into negativity asking myself if blogging was worth it.
What if I have "lost" my ability to create? (which is ridiculous to think anyway).

I just basically lost all motivation to do just about anything apart from schoolwork.

I guess that's fine, I thought, at least I don't lose on both sides if I keep my grades, RIGHT.

Now that I'm done with final exams (thank you God), I began to high-key lose my mind the other day.

Why can't I just sit and concentrate and freaking put something down!?

Then I reminded myself: I'm supposed to love this! But still, I felt like it was all a chore.
One day--while I was in the process of buying a domain name and working on a vibrant, cohesive brand for the blog, I expressed this to a friend of mine who replied by saying:

"Why don't you just write about your writer's block?"

Instantly, it felt like a light flashed in my brain...yes! I thought, that's a brilliant idea.

So here I am...

1. I'm going to console myself by's okay.
Having a writer's block is absolutely normal. I think. Inspiration can over-flow and suddenly run dry, but it doesn't necessarily mean it will run dry forever.

2. I was beating myself up for feeling so unmotivated by the constant thought of having no inspiration.

3. I struggle with procrastination when it comes to writing...which isn't the best idea. This is because inspiration can come from virtually anywhere. It comes and goes in a flash. If you don't get a hold of it while you may never really feel that thing enough to put it down later on.

4. Negative thoughts flooded my head and I let them. I started wondering if sharing my thoughts and creativity on a website really mattered anyway? Like what's the freaking point? Nobody bloody cares. However, this thought gets preyed on by the support and lovely messages I receive from readers.

I also have to say that relying on feedback from readers is great, but it's not enough if I don't have the motivation myself. I'm supposed to want it. People always go on about not caring what others think and doing stuff for you but it's not so easy especially when you're writing to get more engagement and actually grow an audience. It's this feedback that has kept me blogging even when I don't feel like it. But it can't be the only thing. I want to love it again, but then this leads to a lack of motivation and inspiration and then the dreaded writer's block.

It's fine to just take a break. Maybe that's what I needed after all. A break to clear my head. I've accepted that the "Serious Case of Writer's Block" is more common than I think. I love doing this. It shouldn't stop me from writing about what I care about and sharing it with the world even if only about three people can relate to it.

This is not a post about how I magically snapped my fingers and suddenly become gassed and ready to write, you know...pumped with motivation and so on. I still feel the heaviness of hitting the Great Wall of Writer's Block, but I guess it's better to express this feeling than not express it at all.

3 comments on "The Worst Writer's Block of All Writer's Blocks"
  1. You literally just expressed what most creative people go through in just one write up and I can say that I completely relate with this. As I was reading through, all I could think about is all those ideas I had choked up in my head but didn’t know how to put it down or express it in writing. Haha.
    Thanks for sharing. ������

  2. Oh my Gosh! Don’t you even dare! I care, like I visit your blog from time to time cause I relate to most of the things you write about. Sometimes I’m just to lazy to give feedback (I’ll work on that, I promise 🤦🏽‍♀️) but I enjoy your post. Oh, and have the same problem when it comes to journaling too. I don’t have a blog but I love writing my thoughts down and I tend to think a lot about a lot too, and I also have plenty of ideas from time to time but sometimes putting them into words seems like a chore so I just procrastinate. Please keep posting, you’ve got a loyal reader here 😁 This is by the way. I left Instagram but hey! Still hoping we can be friends somehow in real life, lol

  3. No! Don’t you dare give up on this blog. I care. I can totally relate to most of the things you write about and this too. I’ve had lots of amazing ideas I know I should write about (not that I have a blog) in my journal but sometimes I just get too lazy (you think you’re the queen of procrastination, girl! Have you met me yet?) and keep it for later which eventually leads to me forgetting and loosing inspiration. I keep up with your blog via email that’s how I get notified ever since I left Instagram ( you might know me as sometimes I’m always too reluctant to write a comment but hey, I enjoy your blog and I know I should do better when it comes to commenting so you know. I e come to realize we have a lot in common I still hope we get to be friends in real life some day lol. Keep it up nenye, I’m rooting for you!


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