If You're Taking One Thing From Women’s Day 2018...This is It

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Lagos is seriously BUZZING this weekend with soo many events, conferences, conventions, masterclasses and art exhibitions in honour of International women’s day! It’s beautifully overwhelming how this movement is aimed at empowering and inspiring every woman.

I attended GTcrea8 on March 8,  although the event wasn’t exactly targeted towards just women, the female speakers were beyond good enough for me.

I got to the venue on campus quite late because I just finished from a class. It was at the university's Multi-Purpose Hall and please, whoever is in charge of décor for GTBank events deserves a trophy because I couldn’t even recognize the place. In my head I was like, "Is this really the same hall I wrote those horrifying external exams in my first year?"
Moving on, I was right on time for the fourth masterclass which was conducted by renowned fashion designer, Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi. The hall was superrr packed and all the seats were fully occupied. But better late than never, right? I somehow made my way to the front and fully sat down on the floor to make myself more comfortable.
No judgment here.
Views from the floor
Plus, I must also thank GTBank for their extra comfortable rugs. There was also another masterclass on Digital Media by Uche Pedro, the founder of Bella Naija.
Yay! I finally found a seat :)
This was originally the class I actually wanted to attend as it covers my interests which are basically revolve around content creating, photography etc, etc. and it was completely worth it.

The next day, I attended a conference called When Women Win. The mission was to inspire positive action by women to advance themselves, coaching and training women on vital areas of life and to celebrate womanhood.

There were phenomenal speakers like Chioma Omeruah, an actress and comedian popularly known as Chigul—who, of course, did not fail to crack the entire audience up with her bubbly personality; Peace Hyde, an actress and head of digital partnerships at Forbes Africa; Yetunde Williams of Lagos Mums and Subomi Plumptre, who spoke about money matters and becoming financially independent.

Attended WWW with these beautiful friends of mine

This may seem like a wholeeee lot, and I bet you didn’t even read the first two paragraphs. Therefore, I’m making it the job that no one sent me, to put together everything that I've gained from these beautiful conventions.

The first thing is the ability to practice patience and to banish instant gratification. What I mean is...there's a very high chance that the first ever content you put out there: be it blogpost, video, photo etc, will probably not get a thousand/million views or likes at once. Most people then give up so easily after just a day or two of blogging.
This bit of advice really hit home because I've been in this position so many times where I have grown impatient, or doubted myself and/or my work...crazy, right?  However, I think one way to snap out of this is to remind yourself of why you started in the first place and to realize that this impatience just succeeds in making you see your passion as a chore--which kind of sucks.
This leads me to the topic of Self-validation which is all about dismissing the desire to always look for your own validation in other people.

Collaboration is also key. You don't have to always go with the big names; just stop and look around you. There's talent everywhere. Find people with the same interests or creatives in your field and help each other grow.

Also, growing an undying passion for innovation helps tremendously. After all, normal is boring. Who cares about being a chameleon when you can stand out, think of new things and how to execute them?

Be open to learning new things.

Last but not least is one word I absolutely dread (being the queen of procrastination that I am). This word is CONSISTENCY. However, it is the major way to stay relevant and get your content out there. Consistency goes hand in hand with quality, so make sure you're delivering your very best. There's always room to get better.

The first thing I got from this was not to put yourself in a box...because you really never know. Try to branch out a bit and allow yourself experience something different. I learnt this when I started an internship last year. Before this, I used to have the mindset that you have to remain in a particular field just because you studied it or because that's all you think you know.

Another important thing is having a unique and memorable logo. There was a lot of emphasis on incorporating your own name into your brand-name as well. Lanre mentioned it like five times. This helps to avoid confusion in the future, unless of course you don't mind being known for whichever other brand-name you choose later on down the line.

In addition, your focus should be on getting the best you can out there. Even if it means giving out some of your samples for free. It could even get you exposure and more clients/clicks/views. etc.

Can I gush about how bad ass Peace Hyde is for a sec? Phew. Her talk centred around embracing your individuality and the power of not giving a flying 'spoon'. I was personally drawn to this because I'm firm believer that you don't always need a stricccct plan. Sometimes being yourself (this is so overused, yet so important) is actually really all you need. This includes accepting failures and learning from them, having faith and uncovering a better version of you each time.

I like how this touchy subject was delivered with chunks of humour here and there. It is centred around how we as women can make our own money and the best ways to make the most out of what you currently have. One key thing here is to never leave money laying fallow, but to INVEST. Investing some money in money market funds is never a bad idea. Also we got keyed into other areas to invest in, like Agriculture (which gives nothing less than 100% interest per annum), in Export, Cryptocurrency, Real Estate, Capital Market and many more.

As if some of the points listed above aren't "cliché" enough, I'll end this by saying, "The time is now!" Sure, it's so easy to procrastinate everything, but for how long? Wake up and take control!

Everyday is Women's Day!

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  1. Love this! Seemed like a very interesting event

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. So trueee on that self validation thing. Im a culprit😥👏👏💓

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