Tiny Guide to Studying Better (and Still Having a Life) in University

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Having a hard-time studying in university? Do you get super distracted or feel sucked in by the piles and piles of books? You're not alone. I'm not Dexter, but I'd love to share these tips that'll help you get on track this school year.

Study Yourself
Yes. You. The first step to studying better is knowing your own strengths and not comparing your reading habits to your friend's reading habits or the smartest kid in your class. I know some people who have a very high assimilation level and can literally cram the night before an exam or test and come out with a blazing A. In the same vein, another person can try that and horribly flunk the exam. The key thing here is understanding what works for you. Not everyone can successfully pull an all-nighter, and you may also find that reading earlier on in the semester is what works for you. Act on that and you'll surely see an improvement.

Give rewards
Soooo...one funny tip I have tried is rewarding myself as I go on studying. It's a good way to challenge yourself. For example, I'd treat myself to my favorite meal if I'm able to cover a section of a course within a designated period of time.

Take a break
It's okay to take a break when your head starts pounding from taking in sooo much information. I found that at times, especially at periods close to exams, a lot of students (me included, not going to lie) often deprive themselves of sleep. Sleep is actually a very important fuel in your ability to absorb information and helps against forgetfulness.

Understand your lecturer
Ahh... Nigerian Federal University gang where y'all at?? I can't stress this enough. Every single individual is different in his/her own way. This being said, every lecturer may follow a specific pattern but they still have certain traits that are easy to pick out if you notice, There are some lecturers that carry attendance on their head, if you don't have up to 70% attendance, don't bother showing up for the exam. And then, there are some that don't care much for attendance but give pop-up tests, or take their assignments so seriously. Being able to identify this is key and can actually determine your success.

Take past questions seriously
Seriously. You really should, It's not only about reading hard, but also reading smart. There's nothing wrong with acquiring extra information and growing your knowledge. But you are also trying to ace that test I'm assuming. So it's great to have a good sense of where the questions are likely to be set from.

Run away from distraction
No-brainer. It's not necessarily about running away because distractions always come. It's about being able to balance out your time, having fun when needed, identifying when you should call yourself back and not forgetting what really matters to you at that very moment in your life.

Give everything its own time
This is where the phrase "I cannot come and go and now kill myself and die on top," comes into play. University isn't just about studying, sometimes go out and have fun with the ones that matter. Build relationships, make mistakes, learn from them and live your best life. Lol.

Depend on you and you alone
Do not depend on someone else for success. It lies in your own hands, there's only so much another person can do for you. You can get inspired but really all the work will be done by you. Everyone has their own individual battles they're dealing with.

This one is for my fellow religious people out there (and if you're not, you should give it a go). I believe firmly in  praying and then taking action. My strength comes from God. Of course, you can't just pray and sit there doing nothing and expect miracles to happen. To me, prayer serves as a reminder as to why I even began. Visits to the blessed sacrament and saying a prayer right before studying helps me maintain  my focus whenever I get super distracted, and I'm sure a lot of people can testify to this too!

You got this.
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  1. Great tips Sister! Not just for university students but for students in all works of life.. Postgraduate studying inclusive.


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