Tiny Tips to Help You Save Money (in University)

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Hashtag Broke Student Life.


Happy hump day guys!

I'm far from a financial adviser but I'll be sharing little
 tips that will hopefully help you save those extra bucks!

Live within your means and be content
It's so important to know your financial strength in order to avoid spending out of proportion with your allowance or income. This involves cutting down on unnecessary expenses because you don't want to splurge on the latest gadget or beauty product and starve for the next couple of weeks...or months!

Identify the fine line between your needs and wants
Being able to tell if a desired item is important to you right now is key. Most of us are guilty of going out to buy something that we don't necessarily need at that moment.

Save a fraction of everything
It's helpful to form the habit of saving just a percentage of your allowances or income. This fraction you decide to keep aside is entirely up to you as long as you are consistent! You'd be surprised with the outcome at the end of the year.

Thou shall not turn shopping into a hobby
Oh sweet shopping! I am a culprit myself, spending good money on clothes, shoes and bags that'll end up sitting at the bottom of your closet all year long.
Consciously looking through your wardrobe and taking mental or actual notes of the items you are planning to buy will definitely be a useful tip. Also I recommend sorting through these clothing items and getting rid of the worn out ones, or donating items in good condition and you know, the ones that still have the tags on them even though you swore you'd wear them but never really did.

Try investment banking
I personally do not solely rely on student savings accounts.
I'll advice to venture into the world of investment banking, I'm not talking about those Ponzi schemes, but from trusted commercial banks. These legal entities provide investment packages for various funds. As a student, I recommend Money Market Mutual Funds, you can open an account for as low as N5000 with an 18% interest rate per annum!

Are there much more affordable alternatives?
Before purchase, ask yourself if there is a more pocket-friendly substitute. If there is, try comparing quality. Sometimes there's really not much of a huuugggeee difference.

The internet is probably the greatest invention, take advantage!
I highly recommend searching to find out if textbooks and study materials are available online before dashing out to your university bookshop.

Try cooking most of your meals
I found purchasing food stuff from local markets and preparing my own meals really help cut a few corners.
Plus, you'll be double sure of the hygiene under which it was prepared!

Practice the art of self discipline
Aha! Last but definitely not the least. 
All these tips will go to waste without a sprinkle of self-discipline: knowing the right time to say yes or no and staying true to yourself.

Do you already practice a few of these tips shared? Do you have any other tips you want to add? 
Let us know in the comment section down below! 

Happy Saving! xoxox

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13 comments on "Tiny Tips to Help You Save Money (in University)"
  1. So helpfulπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
    Any tips on spending money on data plans? πŸ˜ͺ

    1. I'm soooo guilty of this!
      Control YouTube and Instagram videos binge-watching (easier to say) haha. And sub for reasonable data bundles. I used to use glo in uni cause it's so cheap but the network isn't the best. Take advantage of free wifi (if any) wherever you go haha. Thanks for reading love ❤️

  2. These tips are wonderful, especially the one about cooking my meals myself! great tips

    1. I'm glad you find them helpful 😘😘

  3. These tips are so helpful girl. The one that has heped me a lot is getting textbooks online as opposed to the expensive school bookshop lool.

    My Fashion Musings

    1. Thanks love! Ikr! Textbooks can be super overpriced 😫

  4. Wow...Im so happy I checked you out. I have difficulties saving money cause I feel my pocket money is too small for me to save something from it. You've changed my mind. I'll try this tips out and I'll let you know how I'm faring with them.
    P.S:You've got a subscriber in me.

    1. This makes me happy! Thank you and I'm glad I could help in some way πŸ’–

  5. These tips work well for everyone- whether students or workers.


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