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Thursday, 31 August 2017

The weekend is fast approaching *phew* Its been a week!
Heyyy everyone :)
I'm excited to interview the talented rapper and singer, Haywire. I'm a fan of his music and I'm glad to share it with you!
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Tell us a little about yourself
H: My name is Ifeanyi Joe popularly known as Haywire. I rap and sing actually and basically I make music based on how I feel generally.
I have 5 siblings: 3 elder sisters and 2 younger brothers, I happen to be the first boy. I studied Philosophy in the University of Lagos. I love music so much that I think it's a part of me already. I've been making music for about 7 years now, started professionally in 2011 when I met the music maestro Chordratic beats.

What inspired your love for rap music?

H: I feel all my inspiration comes from God. I've always loved music in general but my love for rap music started when I was a kid back in the year 2000 when I started listening to Eminem. He's one of my biggest influences till date.

What do you do apart from making music?
H: When I'm not making music, I'm listening to music *laughs*
l think it's funny actually because my earphones are always plugged in.
Basically trying to perfect my craft. I watch a lot of movies, animation, play video games or chill with the homies.
I think it's all part of the process.

If you could collab with any rapper or producer, who would it be?
H: GMK, I think he's a great producer. Also Sarz, Leriq, and Bankyonthebeat
Rappers I'd love to work with will have to be MI, Jesse Jags, Poe, SDC, Yaylow, Esojay Luciano, and LOS.

How do you come up with freestyles on the spot?

H: *laughs* It's all God...no muscle. You know like I said earlier I draw all my inspiration from the Most High so as a rapper I gotta stay ready to rap or freestyle whenever I’m asked to.

What is your writing process like?
H: I have like a writing zone, or should I say my “escape zone”. I go there whenever I want to be alone...plug my earphones in...it's usually very quiet up there and then relax, think and write as the spirit leads. I write almost all my songs there.

What are you currently working on?
H: I have a full mixtape done. I’m currently working on another body of work which I’d call a playlist.
It's called 'The Reflection Therapy', it basically sheds light on where my state of mind is at currently, what I’ve gone through and what I’m going through.
I make conscious music, so I like to keep it real and say it how it actually is on the tracks.
The aim is to have that artist-fan connection that I feel has been missing from our industry in recent years. Everybody's conforming and making music based on make believe but that's something that we try to do differently here in Fingaprintz. We keep it real.
Basically, there is no set date yet for the release of the project but God willing this year.
I’m personally a fan of the track “Finer things”

Which one of your songs is your favourite and was most interesting to create?
H: Hmm that's a hard one, I have a lot of songs that I’d say I particularly love, they were all fun to create but I don't think I have a favourite song in particular.

What's your current playlist like?

H: Y’know for a rapper I feel like I don't listen to a lot of rap songs; my playlist is filled with soulful music *laughs*. Artistes like Partynextdoor, Johnny Rain, Majid Jordan, Amir ObĂ©, Belly, John Mayer, J-Cole, Fingaprintz and so on.

Who of your contemporaries do you listen to the most?H: I listen to Santi; I liked his last project and then Coz, he's my homie though but I’m also one of his biggest fans.

Last words to the blog readers
H: First I wanna say thanks to you, Shinaynay for having me on your blog and shout out to everyone listening and supporting the music. We have a lot to offer, whatever's worth doing is worth doing well, so expect nothing but the best from this side.
The future of Nigerian music is here, so don't sleep.
Stay alive to witness the greatness *laughs* we outchea.

Listen to Haywire's Music here:

Memoirs of a Potential King: The Mixtape on SOUNDCLOUD TIDAL NOTJUSTOK

Music video links: here and here
Keep in touch with Haywire on social media:Twitter: @Haywireifeanyi Instagram: @iam_haywire Soundcloud: fingaprintboy

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