Festivals + Mini Life Update

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Hey guys! It's been FOREVER since I last posted anything on my blog *dramatically blows off dust*
First semester was such a hassle, but thank God it's finally over! I was so swamped with school work and making plans for my industrial training which is supposed to begin in May, which also happens to be my birth-month (May 14th to be precise *wink*).
The daily routine during the session was Class-Church-Library-Room, repeat. I seriously need to learn how to multi-task more, haha.

Anyways, from the title of this post you can already tell that I finally came up for air this weekend and stopped by at the Gt-bank Food and Drink Festival happening right now in town from 30, April to 1st, May (tomorrow). I also attended the Gt-bank Fashion weekend sometime last year and I was really impressed with it, hence why I decided to attend this one. I didn't regret it. Plus I wasn't about to peel myself off of my bed for nothing, and so I had to develop a more positive outlook. They (Gt-bank) really do know how to deliver (except maybe at providing more shade for the horrendous sunshine)
If you're still unsure about attending the second-part tomorrow, JUST DO IT.
(WARNING: Remember to stay hydrated, apply some sunscreen (it's so important), and don't be like me: protect your eyes with sunglasses!)

More photos:

OOTD! (loving this cute handmade cowrie choker copped from trader in Yaba)

Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
*cough* food *cough*

My beautiful, whimsical roommate and friend, Bukky (apparently also, sister. Since strangers weirdly ask if we are related. We do not see any resemblance whatsoever though, haha)

Trio on a quest for (cheap) food
(Don't get me started on my reaction when a vendor placed N2000 on a glass of chapman--ordinary fanta and colouring oh! Hian I tire!)

Bukky can't take pictures to save her life

Just sprinkling some of that black girl magic

Go to YESCHILLI if you're not about to spend a fortune on bread and cow meat and you still want decent food


Countertops and cocktails

Extra blurry photo of heaven (seriously, royalpops popsicles are so good)

What I have to go through *sigh*

Umu oma! (Beautiful/good people)

Can I ever just stop talking?

One of our extra dramatic dialogues caught on camera (by my amazing big brother, Nnamdi who decided to remain behind the camera all the while)

Yup, I'll never stop speaking

Were you at the Festival as well?
Comment your experience down below, xo.
8 comments on "Festivals + Mini Life Update"
  1. Soo glad for this post!!! Gurl what are you using on your hair tho. Its so full and pretty���� tell me ehn nne���� love this post you look good. Wish i was in Lagos so I would have joined you guys���� Looks like a lot of fun����


    1. Right! I would've loved if you were there Annie. Thanks so much girl ❤️❤️. Haha I wish, it's not all of my hair tho 😋 But the fro is still blossoming. Thank you again

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You're my favorite carefree black girl 😍✨

    1. Love you girl 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Lovely article as always sissy. Looking good as always too 😉😍😘

  5. Your hair is pooping girl! and i need one of those cowrie neckalces.

  6. I love your look in this post! Your hair as well as the cowrie choker are such a nice combo!



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