Are You Home?

Friday, 27 January 2017

There's something about this quote...

and that's probably why it's been stuck in my head for years now.
I mean, Steve Powers didn't just go around Philly painting these "Love Letter Murals" for nothing.

Some years back, former street graffiti writer, Steve Powers took to the street of Philadelphia (he grew up here) where he dowsed the rooftops and walls with vibrant Love messages like: OPEN YOUR EYES, I SEE THE SUNRISE; YOUR EVERAFTER IS ALL I'M AFTER; PREPAY IS ON, LET'S TALK TILL MY MINUTES ARE GONE.

He created this project with the help of various artists and named this public art project, A Love Letter for You.

But out of these sweet-as-pie messages, the one that really struck me had to be:


Insinuating that without this "person" Powers refers to in this message, he doesn't feel very much at home.
I think it is so fascinating referring to another human being as your home.
I used to restrict the definition of home to just a building, bricks and nothing else (and I'm sure I'm not the only one).
But over the years my view on that sort of diverged.
I think home isn't just a couple of carefully placed bricks held tightly together with cement. Or wood stacked together (or compressed snow if you're an Eskimo, or even clay).
It is more like a state, a feeling of safety or warmth.
As much as we can still classify home as a place where we come back to after a long day of work or where we grew up with our family (which is still okay even) it extends more than that.
Ultimately we're at peace with ourselves when we can find home in not just something as temporary as a building but an actual human being, or job, or a hobby.
The perfect juxtaposition of vagueness and depth in this eight-worded quote really moves me.
The disheartening fact remains that: just like there are abusive and broken homes, we can sometimes find shelter in the wrong place, a toxic person, or adopting a bad habit.
We find a home in lots of things; in God, some people in their children, their significant other, in a family member.
As the year progresses, my only hope is that we don't make a home out of something that continuously drains our souls and makes us feel dead inside.

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