24 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Let me properly introduce myself, guys!
My middle name is Rita.

My parents are actually my superheroes.

I am the last child (5/5)

I am from Anambra State. Igbokwenu!

I have 4 children (Yes, my sisters’ kids are secretly mine *side-eye*)

I used to be allergic to milk, eggs and crayfish when I was much younger. Ergo,no ice-cream or cake!

There goes my childhood.

I love the smell of rain. To me, rain is more than just one stage in the hydrologic cycle. It’s really a mix of emotions; its pitter-patter on the rooftops surely wells up some sort of nostalgia in my insides.

I feel things deeply.

Simplicity has always spoken volumes to me.

I am super shy and bold all at once.

I firmly believe it’s possible to be soft and strong at the same time.

I had an over-the-top imagination as a child and that’s probably why I was convinced I was a Jonas, and why I once got involved in a heated argument with my brother about the Existence of Unicorns.

After watching an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory, I constantly bugged my father about how I wanted a Pony farm. What’s worse? He actually nodded and agreed.

I put my first fallen milk-tooth under my pillow, hoping to get a 5 Naira note from the tooth fairy the next morning.

To my dismay, I didn't.

Die hard Pretty Little Liars Fan. STILL NOT EVEN SURE WHO FREAKING 'A' IS.
Update: Finally know who A is. One word: DISAPPOINTED

Contrary to what some people may think, I do not read books at all. I can’t seem to properly finish a book. It’s a bad habit I’m trying to kick.

Fear Street novels are probably the only books I can read over and over again. Please don’t ask me why.

I am pretty decent at singing and drawing.

I currently love browns, denim, muted pinks and loud yellows.

Someone died and made me Queen of Procrastination.

I’m so in love with anything and everything in its natural state.

My favorite thing in this entire world is unwinding after a long day i.e. coming back to my room, taking a shower and sinking in my bed—judgment-free zone—watching YouTube or a movie.

I’m catholic, and couldn't be more proud.

You could probably name the various rocks I live under. Hehe. I am usually super late to fads or trends.

I admire Donald Glover very much. He reminds me that it’s more than okay to be the “bizarre” one, to be great at multiple things and kill at each one of them respectively.

I enjoy watching, reading or listening to things that trigger feelings.

(Feel free to share little things you love in the comment section down below)

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26 comments on "24 Things You Didn't Know About Me"
  1. "what's worse? He actually nodded and agreed"

  2. It just clicked in my head the Ritz-Jonas email name 😂😂

    1. LMAO! Talk about embarrassing choices 😭

  3. I love the smell of white rice(without stew),i think Passenger is a God, i am most times caught up in my own fantasy of an Utopian society. As a kid i never liked school(even as an adult),procrastination has cost me a lot.My shyness is a gangster but people hardly believe that. I am a silent talkative. I loved football but fortunately for me my dad made me indifferent about it. I secretly wish to be a loafer.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Gwen! Hopefully we will kick procrastination.

  4. Dude we are so alike. I love Chilrish Gambino too nd rain is babe! Oh my goodness I also had an over the top imagination,still do!! Yup you draw really well. Remember in school when your jotters turned into magazines for us when we were bored in class!! This post is so good. I might do mine just to round up the month!!


    1. Girrrrrllll! Omg I remember Those times back in secondary school haha. I'll be waiting for your post! Thanks for responding ❤️️

  5. Good one Chinenye,confident girl.

  6. Speaking bouh 24things ..have got more! Talk bouh the times you brought lunch to school everyday , I think it was Sardin = Sandwich. It smelt everywhere. You used to cry a lot when you were punished or flogged... That face turned so red, you used your hands to cover your face then *bam*! head on the table n cry. But silent cry tho u only made noise when you needed breath. ✌��️-I got ya back sis

    1. Maureen! 😩😩🙆🏽 If I catch you! Come back to Nigeria first 😂😂😘

  7. Your popcorn allergy too ��. I'm in love with Donald Glover❤️️

    1. Haha the nausea! 😩😷

      We can share him 😬

  8. Atleast I now know that it ain't weird to love the smell of rain. The sound of rain on the roof makes my soul happy :)
    Passionate people feel everything deeply, this is both a curse and a blessing!
    And my imagination is wild. Already imagined paying your bride price and treating you like an Igbo queen ����. Ha

  9. I love to read novels, I'm self obsessed and I used to be a sprinter (I have over 15 medals)

    1. Lmaoo girrrrl, I'm so aware of all of this.
      Show-off 🙄😛
      Thanks for your response 😘

  10. Nice one baby sis! Lmaoo at your sisters kids r yours- so true. U r really the queen of procrastination
    Keep it up

  11. Hahhaaha thanks big sis! Right 😭

  12. Your popcorn allergy too . I'm in love with Donald Glov


  13. I love rain only when I have absolutely nothing to do outside. If not, nope. I'm Igbo and Catholic as well :)
    I was obsessed with Barbie till I entered the university. *Shh, please tell noone*. I love reading novels, they are the windows to the world.

    1. hahaha, i'm with you on the rain part. Your secret is safe with me ;)
      thanks for visiting!

  14. Aaaaaand I talk a lot (you should've guessed by now)

  15. Nenye Nwa😆.... love it when you draw but havnt heard you sing tho....I need to hear your angelic voice


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