New Year Jitters

Friday, 30 December 2016

It was exactly 00:00.




It was exactly 00:00.

I looked up as the fireworks spread vastly across the night sky. The boardwalk of Lagos Beach was flooded with people--lots of people moving in and out of shops, clinging on to friends and loved ones.

Laughter traveling through along-shore currents setting the coastline ablaze. The harsh smell of liquor and spirits intertwined with the cool, dry harmattan air that sent chills up my spine. I pulled my cashmere sweater on a bit tighter; still fascinated at how the weather could go from extremely hot to "below-zero" cold in hours.

It was the start of a new year; the time when we would all make resolutions we swear to stand by, but sadly quit before January ran out. Well, at least that was the case for some of us.

I had to admit I hadn't even felt the Christmas vibes. Could it be because I'm so far from home?

There was another round of fireworks and subsequently I could feel the air getting heavy again.

Just like the heaviness of the ocean as I took one step, one step, one step closer seawards.

Suddenly, the rows of laughter transformed to shouts of concern.

I could feel it, I could hear it.

"One step closer into the ocean and that's it", these words kept doing a marathon through my mind.
The water felt heavy and the currents grew intense but I liked the feeling.

Step, step, step... the rush of deep, freezing water around my fragile neck and now, into my ear canal.

Please don't reach me now, I prayed, they couldn't reach me now.

The heaviness enveloped me; water flowing gloriously through my nostrils, eyes shut tight.

Slowly, gently.

I figured I would've gotten away with this heaviness, if it wasn't for Koffi. I felt him wrap his strong arms around me and pull me back towards the shore.

"Happy new year," I remembered him whisper in my ear.

Everything else was a blur.

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  1. Your writing *Sigh* *whispers* It touches the soul!


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