Brick by Colonial Brick with Kelechi Anabaraonye

Saturday, 24 December 2016

"Ayyyyy...see my baby!" Kelechi dramatically fawned, as we drove past another colonial building in the heart of Eko.

We all laughed.

I've never met someone around my age so in love and devoted to our rich African history, culture and heritage. Kelechi Anabaraonye goes indepth with his appreciation for our Colonial structures--some of which are now ruins and some thankfully still standing till today, scattered around Yaba, Ebute-Metta, Lagos Island, Abeokuta, Umuahia, and so on.

It is indeed highly refreshing and informative listening to Kelechi passionately express his love for ancient Architecture and playing out this love through photography and write-ups.


Lover of God's Word

Something about your photos...

"My photos are inspired by my love for colonial buildings and the olden days; past eras from the 1500s, 1700s and the vintage and retro times, to the lifestyle and fashion of our ancestors.

"I'm a lover of African History and African Diaspora History"

Find him:

@oc.wonder @kelechinaba


Gas Station

Views from City Hall


Full frontal

Sun shields and thick prison walls

King Jaja Hall, Unilag; passers-by and something like tetris

Nostalgic for Umuahia

Walks past chimneys of Marda Barracks reminiscent of Biafra

Our very own Colosseum

Archs that scrape the sky


Cycling past Centenary Hall

Guffaws on Cameroun

Eko O ni Baje

Ancient meets modern

Color me White

Where does time go?

Kelechi Jersey Anabaraonye is a Fourth Year Political Science undergraduate in the University of Lagos.
When he is not going on his usual WAKA i.e. long walks on Sundays, he is: listening to gospel music, making research as well as reading articles based on history, colonialism/slavery...and of course, reading the Bible.

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