Sedan Sessions

Sunday, 11 December 2016

" was in that moment he knew exactly why."

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"I never stopped loving you," Dara chimed in her high-pitched voice as she wolfed down her last handful of chin-chin and sunk back in the faux-leather passenger seat. She could feel the back of her thighs dampen with perspiration as the clouds hovering above dissipated; giving extra admittance to the heavy solar radiation that she was sure no SPF-WHAT EVER sunscreen could contend with. The air in turn went stiff and the weather in their side of town became more and more oven-like by the nanosecond. It was that time of the year again, when the sun grew angrier...more intense and in response, Dara's cheeks obediently reddened. He stroked them and she reacted shyly by squinting and pulling away.
He looked at her again and couldn't help but beam. "Of course. I knew I could convince you to come around!" He chuckled.
Dara scoffed, "Oh please! You're feeling like king of the world right now, aren't you?" She spluttered as she carelessly placed one foot on the dashboard and turned her gaze to him. "Why do you even love me anyways?"
He paused, nearly dramatically. He meant to reply in that moment but he realized he couldn't get the words out. He couldn't place them in the manner that he had originally meant.
Maybe it was the little things that were getting the best of his focus like the way the silt-sized crumbs of pastry hung on to the corners of her lips and chin for dear life—or how her lush afro pressed flat against the back of her head when it skipped her mind to fluff—probably the way a beetle-like insect crawled silently up her big toe without her consent... and how he was aware that she would completely spiral out of control if he pointed it out to her...or perhaps it was something—that thing—that took shelter in her big brown eyes and sporadically glistened and broadened with curiosity and bewilderment from the passenger side of his old, trustee sedan.

It was in that moment he knew exactly why.

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  1. Lool. You always know how to deliver. Proud of you. Amazing work


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