Finding God In Musty Attics

Monday, 17 October 2016

Finding God In Musty Attics
"Don't you just feel that way sometimes? When you're in the midst of friends and you can detect the various tones of laughter rising and falling like the uncontrollable tides of Bar Beach before the Barriers and the conversations fluctuating from deep to shallow and shallow to deep as if their words were swimming in the community pool down Olufemi Avenue.
“In the middle of this rave, there you are....craving the moment when you finally get to go home, shoo-ing the bra away—getting rid of the confined feeling it brings, the soft baby wipes calmly absorb the paint these people call makeup off of your face, wig off and then you sink into bed almost like the Titanic—you'd sworn to have cried buckets and buckets over when you first really got into the movie. It's the pressure and you feel it weigh you down like anchors.

“Don't you just feel that way sometimes when you're surrounded by the people you love...? Alone? Out of your mind?"

Later that night, she crept underneath the covers of the twin bed in the cosy attic. She lay there and felt her mind let go of it all, even if it was just for one starry night. She set herself free of this pressure and its counterparts.

Finally, she allowed her soul wander. She let it drift and cling on to nothing but her Creator's love. If she couldn't meet Him just yet, she thought to herself, it didn't matter where she was: musty attic or seven-star hotel, all that mattered was that she could feel it.

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  1. Thank God o!!! Ive been waiting on you girl!!I'im looking forward to the new series.


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