Mainland Musings with Nebe

Monday, 25 July 2016

When I'm not sitting through Sedimentology and Mineralogy classes (doodling half the time) or sneaking sips of Nutrimilk without the lecturer tagging me a "law-breaker", I'm stealing Nebe's phone and looking through his picture library gushing over his style of capturing photos of what I see everyday around our University (of Lagos) along with its surroundings and how these photos make me feel really broody and nostalgic.
I hope you feel just a little bit of what I feel scrolling through these photos he captured with aesthetics, creativity and yes, his PHONE!


"Adaptor. Introvert. Learner. Thinker. Reader.

Lover of serenity. Disregards status quo. Very lazy. Too serious sometimes. Laughs too much. Lofty dreamer. Very unconventional human. Finds humor in everything.

Not a photographer, never will be. I see something I like, I get a shot."

Billionaire investor soon. Looking for a wife: (Fine girls apply here)

Something about your photos....

"The world is in a constant state of flux but unlike non-photographers, I like to capture some of that flux.

I love to understand stuff, visualize and make projections."

Final words...

"We all see things differently and that's what makes us unique. If you have ever been to any of these places, here is how they looked to me."

Ransome Kuti in bloom

Decayed in a decade

Library days

Dreary halls of Biobaku

Fallen hero

Quadrupled trash

Drink coffee, bleed caffeine

"You thirst to live. You live to thirst." - Nebe

Views from Saint Thomas Chapel

Under construction

It took me a while to accept the fact that this is actually reflection off of the top of car and not water!

Koalas in the mid

High rise


Baseball hat season

Fro love

Read, write, black coffee, repeat.

Zigzag rails that lead to the lagoon

King Jaja Hall beyond the chlorophyll

Bus heads

Yaba = Chaos

Trees disappear into the sunset on Dan Fodio Boulevard

Chijioke Okwudili Nebe is a third year Geophysics undergraduate in the University of Lagos
He likes to read in his spare time, listen to audiobooks (mostly non-fictional), scavenge his 30gb iTunes library for something he hasn’t heard before, draw, oh and laugh too.

Here's his instagram: @___nebe
12 comments on "Mainland Musings with Nebe"
  1. There's only one word to describe these pictures: Outstanding !

  2. The car top one is mind blowing ,good job ✨

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  5. I absolutely loff this pix beby. Nice one I admiya you a lot I really do - Paul d Boy

  6. This is really awesome.I love how these "regular" places look so different.❤

  7. Amazing!!! You guys are inspiring art visionaries. Good job.

  8. Nice work with the captions!
    ...Couldn't help but notice how shiny my elbow was :/

  9. Nice one girl....totally freaked out with the car top one (:

  10. Nice one girl (: damn the car one got me tripping

  11. Love love love...esp the car reflection one...actually thought it was reflection on water. This is your best post yet.

  12. It's always so thrilling to meet a fellow akokiate blogger! Loooove your photos, it's obvious you have a flare for it and drawing as well. Keep it up!


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