Super Sizzling Sundays at Rele

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Hiya guys! I hope your Sunday went neatly!
I spent mine at a culinary-centered, mouthwatering art exhibition at Rele Art Gallery on Lagos Island themed: 'What's Cooking Rele?'
The pieces were unbelievable and I couldn't imagine how much time and effort it took the various artists to put such breath-taking works of art together.

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What's cooking?

Mirage in Greyscale



Mane of my life

Carbs version of The Scream

Girl, uninterrupted

Shocked at my moves

Fruity tooty

Okay, now I'm just hungry

Spotlight on Bridge of Textures

Grooving from White Island to the Bridge

Coconut boats and blue waters

Picture wall

Black girl magic

Sorry, got too comfortable

Literally can't get up from all the food i just visual-ate

24 comments on "Super Sizzling Sundays at Rele "
  1. Beautiful...well done dear.

  2. Nice! Keep it up ����

  3. You are so pretty!

  4. Love this. Really cool pictures.

  5. Visual ate eh? Thanks for serving us some!

  6. well....quite intriguing, good job


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