Long Lasting Look at Lagos

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

From the trudging through the city of Lagos coupled with the intense sunshine that burned our bones to the "Sorry, Miss...no photos allowed here," (Most times said more brashly), I was still able to put together a pictorial mash-up of my week circling Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos Island and parts of Victoria Island.

From my little corner of the bus

Nobody messes with the busman

Hey, look...it's us!

The act of shadowy chit-chattery

First stop: The National Museum

My friend, Ore and I were so disheartened to find out that we weren't allowed to take photos anywhere else but in the museum courtyard.
Our tour guide was the perfect combination of creepy and funny. We couldn't really make out what he was saying half the time and when we did it was mostly hilarious

Chinenye is off-the-wall

Ore in colour

Phalanges against the Nok wall

At least one of us was graceful about the situation

Girl meets plant

Musings at Muson

Got our grub on at Grubs in Freedom Park food court

Red petals overlooking the pathway

Knees pulled in

Friends decided to stop at Rele

Rails at Rele

The keke driver was having a heated argument with one of his passengers, but that did not stop me

Views from Freedom Park

Caught in rails with Alex

Chips again because I'm the most basic person culinary-wise

This was the literally the only thing I could afford at the Lagoon Restaurant.
P.S: If you're interested in eating here, don't hesitate to bring a wad of cash to avoid having a major heart attack like I did the second I opened the menu.
(Emphasis on WAD)

Sipping it down to the very last Naira. Aha! Brokeness never tasted so good

Stopped at one of my favorite places, TerraKulture which I like to call an all-in-one. A food lounge, an art gallery, event place for plays, a book-hub and a craft shop.
Seconds after I took this photo, an angry man walked up to our table and croaked a "Put that camera down!"
Plus, no one can even guess what I ate.
(Hint: Rhymes with ships)

Blood Rain at Art Twentyone

Hope for my Nation

Firm faith in the Lord

Dusky clouds fluttering over masts, silhouettes and me

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  1. Awww....good memories. Nice blog, girl!

  2. Good work,absolutely love the pictures and words "Brokeness ��"

  3. Very nice pictures Chinenye ����
    P.S: Are you looking for husband?

  4. The pictures are amazing and I can relate with that 'pls dont take pictures'im always like dude I came to make memoriesπŸ˜…

    1. Thanks girl! I know right? Bane of our lives

  5. "The art of shadowy chit-chattery".. I am in love with the spontaneity of your pictures..and captions. Great job love!

  6. Loved looking at Lagos through your lenses, great job pinky πŸ’•

  7. Peachy... you got blessed hands in writing. Thanks for this. @tochi_tms

  8. My artsy fartsy little sister...lovely blog!

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  10. Oshey bloggers. πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

    Chinenye πŸ‘


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