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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Weekends are for hopping from one art gallery to another.

Follow us as we glide through three of the most amazing art galleries in the City of Lagos, consisting of the most breath-taking pieces and the various artists who brought these vibrant pieces to life.

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First stop: Arthouse Foundation, Ikoyi

This artwork I like to call Cubeman. Cubeman was put together by Olumide Onadipe. If I got one thing from this, it was the fact that he single-handedly cut and shaped about five thousand cubes for this knockout piece

Hallway attractions by Olumide

I had a burning urge to sit down in this

We couldn't contain our love for Cubeman anymore

My man of cube and caliber

Looks like we're forming a pattern of bumping into each other at exhibitions, ey Jord?

This mirror was the best thing after the art and of course, the food 

Splitter splatter

Living room artistry by Dipo Doherty

Where artist Dipo Doherty does his magic

Bringing art to life

Glimpse of Olumide's space

Wends likes her purses woven

Mini versions of goodness

Jordan eat world

Hey Tony

Up from here, no downward-spiral

Next stop: Red Door Art Gallery

Stopped by for the Timeless Beauty: Surrealism exhibition by Olu Spencer. We weren't allowed to take as many photos but the people here were so warm and mellow to relate with.
(Shoutout to Amara and Feyi)


Dash of black girl fairy dust

Sleep in the park, sit at the corner

Hazy evenings at Radisson

Braids and puffs, puffs and braids

Banter in the hallway

All queues lead to Art Clip Africa

The exhibition Call/Response was centered on the chaos of the city of Lagos. Put together by one photographer, Oluwamuyiwa Logo and one abstract artist, Richard Ketley (who personally explained his interpretations of the photographed pictures into the abstract to us)

My fave: Washing lines

Warm fuzzies in black&white

Lights that guide us home

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